Liquid “”Gypsum”” – Case – Two 2.5 Gallon Refill Bottles

Liquid ""Gypsum"" - Case - Two  2.5 Gallon Refill Bottles

Liquid “”Gypsum”” – Case – Two 2.5 Gallon Refill Bottles Excellent choice for multiple lawn & garden projects. This case purchase creates a savings of $19.99.Treats up to 20,000 square feet. NOTE: No applicator included. Best used with RTS Sprayer. (See Combo Offers)Liquid “”Gypsum”” is an easy-to-apply liquid soil conditioner. This product will significantly improve your turf quality and plant growth in hard or clay soils. This concentrated formula can be used on all grass types to create a healthy, lush and green lawn. Also works on plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, and even on bare soil. Compared to dry gypsum, Liquid “”Gypsum”” is a much better choice – there are no heavy bags to lift and no tilling is required – best of all, it works much faster and is more efficient to use! This product bundle of Liquid “”Gypsum”” has the calcium equivalent to 4,000 lbs. of dry gypsum, and conditions up to 20,000 square feet (with one application). Uses: Loosen hard/clay soils, improve soil drainage, condition soil for overall better growth, treat brown spots in lawn and reduce water usage

The soil improver is a substance that is produced from organic or inorganic matter. When the conditioner is absorbed and mixed with the garden soil, it improves the properties of the soil and adds slow nutrients. It is often used for various horticulture projects. Seeds of weeds are eliminated with this naturally composted material. In the course of time the soil tends to be compacted, which is bad for plants. Densified soil can adversely affect root growth and reduce plants’ ability to absorb nutrients and water. Soil improvers can add more loft and texture to keep the soil loose. Soil improver can occur in many forms, such as cow manure, peat moss, EM 1 and organic compost to name just a few. They can be applied in your garden in various ways. Some conditioners are applied after planting, while others can be processed and grown on the ground before planting begins.

Adding a soil conditioner to your garden helps to improve fluid retention. This makes water easily accessible to the roots of all your plants. Corse soil does not hold the water well. The conditioner helps to bind the soil particles in porous granules. This allows air and water to move through the ground. Since then, the organic matter in the soil conditioner retains moisture, it can more easily absorb and store nutrients. It increases the retention of nutrients by collecting the nutrients that escape from the roots, especially in sandy soils. Organic matter is food for microorganisms and other life forms that are found in the soil.