Soil Logic Liquid Thrive – 32 ounce (quart) bottle

Soil Logic Liquid Thrive - 32 ounce (quart) bottle

Soil Logic Liquid Thrive – 32 ounce (quart) bottle This revolutionary water-soluable product softens hard soil, breaks up clay and removes salts from plant root zones. Liquid Thrive is more effective and longer lasting than traditional dry gypsum. This 32 ounce bottle treats up to 1,000 square feet, and is best used as a refill with our Ready-To-Spray (RTS) hose end nozzle product.

Soil health is defined by the ability to perform essential functions of the ecosystem, such as: nutrient cycle, water filtration and habitat provision for plants and animals. The properties that determine soil health are texture, depth, density, retention capacity and infiltration of water, amount of organic material, nutrient retention capacity (CPB) and respiration. When the health of soil biology is disrupted by sudden changes in the ecosystem (eg overcrowding or application of a fungus / herb / pesticide), the overall health of the soil is affected. When such practices become the normal management regime, the soil becomes cyclically dependent on splitting and the ability of soils to perform the cycling of nutrients through biology is continually affected. The soil biology approach restores the soil biology to reconstruct the desired properties that enable the soil to return to a healthy natural state.

The relationship between life in the soil and the health of the plants that grow in it is inseparable. The ability of a plant to move its roots through the soil and to find essential nutrients depends on the texture, structure and nutritional value of the soil. The biology in the soil creates movement of space and organic material to facilitate the exploration of the roots. It is also the mechanism by which nutrients are made available to plants: through the breakdown and excretion of dead organic matter. When these two biological processes function properly, plants can produce at the ideal level that is naturally supported by the environment.