Soil Logic ReGreen – 32 ounce (quart) trigger spray bottle

Soil Logic ReGreen - 32 ounce (quart) trigger spray bottle

Soil Logic ReGreen – 32 ounce (quart) trigger spray bottle ReGreen is an innovative soil moisture management product that helps prevent water from evaporating too quickly or draining past the roots of the plant. Safe for use on all indoor and outdoor potted and container plants. This 12 ounce bottle treats up to 50 quarts of water. Easy to use – add the recommended amount to your watering can and water as usual.

Soil conditioner is a substance produced from organic or nonorganic matter. When the conditioner is incorporated into and mixed with your garden soil, it improves the soil properties and adds slow releasing nutrients. It is commonly used for a variety of gardening projects. Weed seeds will be eliminated with this naturally composted material. Over time, soil tends to become compacted, which is bad for plants. Compacted soil can negative impact root growth and decrease the ability of plants to take up nutrients and water. Soil conditioners can add more loft and texture to keep the soil loose. Soil conditioner can come in many forms such as cow manure, peat moss, EM 1 and organic compost just to name a few. They can be applied to your garden in many ways. Some conditioners are applied after planting while others may be worked and tilled into the soil before the planting begins.

Adding a soil conditioner to your garden helps improve moisture retention. This makes water easily accessible for the roots of all of your plants. Corse soil does not retain water well. The conditioner aids in binding together soil particles into porous granules. This allows air and water to move through the soil. Since, the organic matter in soil conditioner retains moisture, it is able to absorb and store nutrients more easily. It increases nutrient retention by collecting the nutrients escaping away from the roots, especially in soils that are sandy. The organic matter is food for microorganisms and other forms of life found in soil.